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Lead by Elder Kathy, our feeding ministry desires to operate with a spirit of excellence as we strive to be a church committed to serving the whole man. Partnered with the Cleveland Food Bank, WOE feeding ministry is committed to providing meals that nourishes the body while at the same time ministering to the heart. We attempt to accommodate all dietary restrictions (when possible) as we seek to serve those who are need. From this, we are blessed by the heart felt appreciations of the many families that we serve. 



WOE Youth is a ministry that's focused on serving the youth as well as the families of our youth. Our staff are devoted to making sure that our youth receives a biblical foundation that they are able to stand on. Lead by Elder Lee, WOE Youth seeks to address the difficult topics that many of our youth encounter in their every day life. OUR desire is for our youth to develop their own relationship with God in a nonjudgmental environment. As they develop naturally, we desire that our youth develops spiritually as well. Ensuring that our youth understands their right to access God is not only important to us as a body of believers, but it's important to Christ himself. This is clear in Mathew 14:19. 



While the pastor is busy taking care of the flock, who is taking care of them? This is the aim of our helps ministry, Lead by Minister Doris, the ministry of helps is a place where individuals are called to serve senior leadership as the senior leadership serves the body. With the bible being complete with examples of armor bearers, those who serve in the ministry of helps do so by insuring that arms of our senior leadership are up held in almost every aspect possible. In the list of spiritual gifts listed by the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:28, the importance of this ministry is exemplified in the fact that "helps" is included. 

Our Ministries


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